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Within the core services you will find the tools and services necessary to begin the required assessments and strategic planning for your company.

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Within these section you will find strategic links and technologies designed to assist planning, research, metrics, process controls and complete technology based information management systems

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Our library of tools and applications become available in this section which also provides the portals into the educational assets also available

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Announcing our 1st in a series - The ISP “N-Abox” business. This is an opportunity for anyone to start their own ISP and web hosting company and resale all the services similar to GoDaddy, RackSpace, 1on1 etc. with competitive pricing. This is program thru GBI and our community virtual incubator –

About Us

Creating Economic Opportunities, Communities and Business

Global Business Incubation is a nonprofit that researches, develops and implements successful business incubation strategies to grow and develop urban enterprises. GBI Systems is the portal interface for our managed services. Here you will find the tools and the access to our systems for startup, incubation, acceleration, expansion and development. Our library contains our document repository and links to aid in R&D, education, marketing, sales, law and other aspects of business. Our tools include cloud services, IaaS, PaaS, VOIP, Teleconferencing, Telecommute and other systems our managed services include for the consortium’s use.


Tonia McDonald

She is Co-Founder of two West Coast Business Incubation Associations and the Southern California Economic Alliance. Tonia is committed to the EMERALD VETERANS Project, a veteran lead innovative virtual and physical business incubator model for Veterans and under-served community businesses. The program has a physical location in Los Angeles.

Paul McDonald

Chief Research Officer and Co-founder
Over a 35 yrs – benchmarked the blueprints of successful entrepreneurs, corporations, business incubators, cooperatives, teaching and testing factories, economic development programs, and community and business wealth creation models and systems used around the world including: Sunkist Corporation, Control Data Corporation, National Center for Manufacturing Sciences, , The Ben Franklin Partnership, and The Austin Technology Incubator.

Phillip Brown

Executive Director
He became Executive Director after serving for more than 10 years on the Board of Directors. In this capacity, he launched a GBI Youth and Young Adult Event Planning Incubator pilot project in an underserved community in San Diego. This project created a business support system with the participants while providing them with hands-on experience building and successfully running an event-planning company.

Dr Hess

Co-Founder and Executive VP of Management and Education
George Hess is an ex-veteran and management professor at Loyola Marymount University. He has coordinated with the University on behalf of GBI for decades, and assists GBI in orchestrating partnerships with colleges and universities.

Dale Sims

Chief Industrial Technologist
Dale Sims is the foremost officer in developing and establishing partnerships for GBI’s manufacturing consortium and technical institutes, whose purpose is to provide training, resources and job placement for Military Veterans and Underserved Communities.

Anthony Morgan

Chief Information Officer
Anthony Morgan is the Chief IT Officer and Advisory Board member for Global Business Incubation (GBI). As Chief IT Officer, he provides IT, consulting, website and SEO services for businesses under the GBI umbrella that need support.

Elliot Stiller

Web Developer
Elliot Stiller produces written materials for Global Business Incubation, develops GBI’s websites and connects with potential partners. His 4 years of experience in Journalism includes tenure as Editor In Chief, internship at the Argonaut (distributes 30,000 issues across L.A.), and college experience interviewing dozens of student-startups that grew with the support of a downtown business incubator.

Jeff Norman

Veteran Advisor and Strategic Alliance Partner
Jeff Norman is highly knowledgeable in Los Angeles-related Veteran organizations, partners and institutions, and utilizes this experience to advise GBI and connect them with appropriate partners. He is highly experienced in event planning and Radio Production and blogs for the Huffington Post.

Jill Lewis

Product Development and Design Specialist
Jill Lewis is an Architecture professor at Los Angeles Trade Technical College that represents GBI in negotiations and partnerships. Has taught Architecture and Design in Los Angeles and Abroad as an architect, designer and creative artist working with the organization Design One Group. She has worked on large projects such as the (Kodak-Dolby) Theater, and small private residences using ecological and holistic approaches to enhance every aspect of the experience.

Andrew Williams Jr.

GBI – Zero Time Facilitator
President at Five Points Youth Foundation Inc., Director at TRN International News and Facebook Ambassador at Globcal International Cooperative

Dr. John Bollinger

Dr. John Bollinger is a licensed architect, general contractor, real estate broker in California, professor at Cal State Long Beach and doctor of architecture from the University of Southern California. He administrated over $50 billion in international business and development in real estate, including ports, airports, trade centers, transportation centers, communities, including park, education, housing, government buildings, hospitals, hotels, retail, office, industrial uses.

Dr Paul Ruffin

Technology and Information Science
In 2000, ECI pioneered virtual computing environments, including cloud computing and virtual private networks in one of the nation’s first data centers completely powered by solar, wind, and geothermal energy.

Terence Winslow

VP Business Development


Platforms, Infrastructure and Sysems

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